Ravada advanced settings

Display IP

On a server with 2 IPs, the configuration file allows the administrator define which one is used for the display. Add the entry display_ip to /etc/ravada.conf with the public address of the server.

display_ip: public.display.ip


The Ravada server can be behind a NAT environment.

____RVD    _______________ NAT ________________ client

Configure this option in /etc/ravada.conf


Auto Start

Virtual machines can be configured to auto-start on host boot. This feature is available from release 0.2.15 You must enable the auto-start column at the frontend configuration file at /etc/rvd_font.conf .

    admin => {
        autostart => 1

Reboot the frontend and auto-start can be setted at the machine list page in admin.

Choosing Storage Pool

When creating virtual machines, Ravada chooses the storage pool with more free space available. If you want to force another, change the settings updating the table vms in the database like this.

First check the id field of the Virtual Manager in the table vms, then set a default storage_pool like this:

$ mysql -u rvd_user -p ravada
mysql> select * from vms;
mysql> UPDATE vms set storage_pool='pool2' where id=*id*;

Then restart rvd_back running systemctl restart rvd_back.