Install Ravada with a Script



This Script only works on Ubuntu and Fedora.


It depends on the number and type of virtual machines. For common scenarios are server memory, storage and network bandwidth the most critical requirements.


RAM is the main issue. Multiply the number of concurrent workstations by the amount of memory each one requires and that is the total RAM the server must have.


The faster the disks, the better. Ravada uses incremental files for the disks images, so clones won’t require many space.

Install Ravada

Only use this script if you are going to install Ravada on a fresh OS. Download the script here .


1 - Execute the script:

$ bash /path/to/

2 - The script will chack if your OS is compatible with it.

3 - The script will ask for root permisions, insert your password.

4 - The script will download and install ravada.

5 - The script will start installing MySQL server, and will ask you for a password, it is higly recomended to NOT leave it blank!

6 - The script will create a MySQL user for ravada and will ask you for a password, don’t leave it blanck!

7 - The script will launch the ravada web user creator, and will ask you for the username, the password and if it is admin.

8 - That’s it, you have installed ravada successfully.


If you experiment any unexpected behaviour, don’t wait to report it to us here . Alternatively, you can install it manually .