Create a custom login template

If you need custom login template create one and save it in /usr/share/ravada/templates/main/custom, e.g. custom\_login.html.ep

Custom login template contents

The default custom file can be found at /usr/share/ravada/templates/main/start.html.ep. Use it as a guide for your own template.

Be aware:

  • form must be method=post

  • keep the login input type name=login

  • keep the password input type name=password

  • keep the hidden input with the name=url entry

  • the submit button must be called name=submit


Add your template in /etc/rvd_front.conf


Check that rvd_front.conf exists. If you work on a Development release you have an example here etc/rvd_front.conf.example.


Do not include the extension file .html.ep in the path. E.g. custom_login.html.ep -> custom_login

,login_custom => 'main/custom/custom_login'

Path for CSS, js and images

The custom files must be placed in /usr/share/ravada/templates/main/custom

If CSS, js or images are needed save in: public/css/custom, public/js/custom or public/img/custom respectively. These files must be located inside /usr/share/ravada/templates/public.


Make sure your CSS, JS or images in custom template refers to those paths.

Restart frontend

Finally restart rvd_front:

sudo systemctl restart rvd_front