Local JS and CSS files instead CDN

Local vs CDN this is the question. For default we used CDN, it’s better, but in some specific cases it may be useful to have the libraries JS and CSS locally.

You need to install yarn and add the repository.


Ubuntu 18.04 comes with cmdtest installed by default, and yarn is and old version (0.32 vs 1.7) better add the repository from yarnpkg.com.

And follow this steps:

cd /usr/share/ravada
yarn config set -- --modules-folder /usr/share/ravada/public/fallback

Yarn reads from package.json the requirements and download locally in /usr/share/ravada/public/fallback.

To finish, enable the fallback parameter in /etc/rvd_front.conf,

fallback => 1

and restart the rvd_front.service to apply changes.

systemctl restart rvd_front.service

Refresh your browser cache and now Ravada use JS and CSS locally.