Spinoff Clone

Spinoff clone releases a virtual machine from its bases. It becomes independent and you can use it on its own.


In this example we have bases with nested bases and clones.

Clones before spinoff

Proceed to Spinoff

We want to spinoff the virtual machine alpine-2-1, so we click in its name and then in the Base” tab with press *Spinoff clone.

Click spinoff button

After confirm this is what we want Ravada will proceed to spinoff the clone from all its bases.

Clone alpine-2-1 spined off

What happened behind the scenes ?

These are the disk volumes for the machine alpine-2-1 before the spinoff. All of them are base-chained to alpine-2 and then to alpine.

Volume files before spinoff:

<source file='/home/images.2/alpine-2-1-vda.alpine-2-av-vda.qcow2'/>
    <source file='/home/images.2/alpine-2-av-vda.ro.qcow2'/>
        <source file='/home/images.2/alpine-vda.ro.qcow2'/>

Volume files after spinoff:

<source file='/home/images.2/alpine-2-1-vda.alpine-2-av-vda.qcow2' index='4'/>

When we inspect the disk files volumes after the spinoff we can see it has no dependencies. So its contents are not incremental from other disk volumes.