Welcome to Ravada VDI documentation

The chances are you’re here because you’ve been searching for free Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) documentation. Whether it is a large or a small project, you can start with VDI and see its benefits right away! We assume you do want to start your VDI project as quickly as possible. Therefore, RAVADA VDI is the perfect software for you!

Ravada VDI is a free and open-source project that allows users to connect to a virtual desktop. So it is a VDI broker.

Ravada delivers

By following the documentation Read the Docs and editing some configuration files, you’ll be able to deploy a VM within minutes.

Who is Ravada meant for?

Ravada is meant for sysadmins who have some background in GNU/Linux, and want to deploy a VDI project.


Get started with VDI, without reinventing the wheel.

We have written some documentation and hosted it on Read the Docs for you. This documentation is on-going, so if there is something you think is missing, don’t hesitate and drop us a line! In the meantime, we are still improving RAVADA VDI and its documentation, so new sections will be popping out from time to time.

Our code uses the AGPL license and it is available on GitHub.

Ravada VDI documentation

The main documentation for the site is divided into three main sections:

Do you feel like giving us a hand? Here you have all the information you need as a developer:

Administrator Documentation

Feature Documentation