Authentication with Active Directory

This feature is experimental and only can be used if you have a development release of Ravada.

Install Modules

sudo apt-get install libtest-spelling-perl
sudo apt-get install cpanminus
sudo cpanm Auth::ActiveDirectory

Configure Ravada

Add this entries to the file /etc/ravada.conf. The tag ActiveDirectoy must be at first level without indentations, the other tags must be space-indented. The port is optional.

    host: thehost
    port: 389
    domain: thedomain
    principal: whatever it is, it must be set


Restart the rvd_front service and try to login

Admin Users

Admin users must be set from the management tool once they have logged in.


  • Admin users: how to find if an user is admin ? Maybe some kind of LDAP group ?
  • Create users
  • Create groups
  • Remove users
  • Remove groups