Install Windows 10

These are guidelines to install Windows 10 inside a Ravada KVM Guest.

Base Guest

The guest should have more than 3 GB of RAM. If you are planning to run many services you should create the virtual machine with more memory. You can increase it later if you want to keep it slim.

At least 30GB disk drive is required. A swap partition should also be added when creating the virtual machine.


When the machine is created start it from Admin Tools menu, click on Virtual Machines to see a list. At the right there is a bunch of buttons. Click on view to start and access the virtual machine console.


Start and View Virtual Machine


Follow the usual procedure to install Windows10.

When the installations it’s finished, you need to install:

If you experience slow response from the mouse or other glitches you may try installing VirtIO Drivers .

Use a swap partition for pagefiles

By default the Windows pagefiles will go to the C: disk drive. That will make the clones partitions grow up too much and fill your host disk drive. It should go to the SWAP volume, problaby in your D: or E: drive.

In this link you can see how to move pagefiles to another disk: