Testing environment

Previously install TEST::SQL::DATA module.

In project root run:

perl Makefile.PL
sudo make test

At the end, in “Test Summary Report” you can check the result.

If something goes wrong you see: Result: FAIL

Run a single test

make; sudo prove -l t/lxc/\*t

Advanced Features tests


Install a local LDP server to run the LDAP tests.


Install two virtual machines called ztest-1 and ztest-2 with these features:

  • OS: Lubuntu 18.04

  • Disk Size: 20 GB

  • RAM : At least 4 GB

Follow the remote nodes configuration guide so those machines can be accessed from root in the test host. Also, KVM virtual packages are required. The easiest way is install a virtual machine and clone it twice. Both machines must answer to two IPs as defined in the configurationa.

Place in t/etc/remote_vm.conf this config file:

        - KVM
        - Void
        - KVM
        - Void

Base Test machine

Create a small virtual machine called z-test-base:

  • OS: Debian Stretch 64 Bits

  • Disk: size: 6 GB

  • RAM: 1 GB

Configure the Set Hostname so it gets automatically changed on statup.

You can remove office packages and trim it down with virt-sparsify. Install openssh-server in base.

Allow root user from host test machine password-less ssh to the PCs.

When everything is set up prepare this machine as a base. When it is done you can run the tests and it will be used to create clones and check stuff on it.