log file

Frontend log file

You can set a custom log file for the frontend process in the configuration.

Edit the configuration file: /etc/rvd_front.conf and add or change next section:

,log => {
     log => 1
     ,file => '/var/log/ravada/rvd_front.log'
     ,level => 'debug'

Create the log directory and grant the Ravada user permissions to write to it:

root@server:~# mkdir /var/log/ravada
root@server:~# chown ravada /var/log/ravada

Now restart the Ravada front process and check the log file is created.

root@server:~# systemctl restart rvd_front

Security Logs

Security access will appear in the log file similar as an Apache log entry: - [2020/09/01:12:20:32 +0200] GET /

Login failures show with an access denied message- Set the log level to error if you only want these:

Access denied to fff from

A fail2ban catch can be created from these. Contributions welcome.