Kiosk Mode

Kiosk ( or anonymous ) allows any user, not logged in, to create a volatile virtual machine. Once this machine is shut down, it is destroyed automatically.


This kiosk mode must be defined for some bases in some networks.


Unfortunately kiosk mode configuration has not been added to the frontend. Anyway it can be set only from within the database.

Follow these steps carefully.

Backup the Database

As we are going to change the database, any mistake can be fatal. Backup before. If you want to have the data handy do it right now:

mysqldump -u root -p ravada domains > domains.sql
mysqldump -u root -p ravada networks > networks.sql

Define a Network

You can allow kiosk mode from any network, but you can define a new network where this mode is allowed.

 mysql -u root -p ravada
mysql> insert into networks (name, address) values ('classroom','');

Find the ids

You must find what is the id of the network and the virtual machine where kiosk mode is enabled. This domain must be a base and allowed public access.

mysql> select id,name from domains where name='blablabla' and is_base=1 and is_public=1;
| id | name              |
| 22 | blablabla         |
mysql> select id,name from networks;
| id | name      |
|  1 | localnet  |
|  4 | all       |
|  6 | classroom |

Allow anonymous mode

mysql> insert into domains_network(id_domain, id_network,anonymous) VALUES(33, 6, 1);


Access now to the anonymous section in your ravada web server. http://your.ip:8081/anonymous

You should see there the base of the virtual machine you allowed before.