Live web Chatwoot

If you want to offer a communication channel for users. We propose this simple and powerful solution.

Chatwoot is live chat software. It’s open source and has a great community. You can access the code here.

You need a Chatwoot server, you have differents options. If you are interested in self-hosted follow this guide.

Here you will not find a chatwoot manual, only a few steps to embed your widget code.

Once you have the widget you have to paste it in a js file, and add a config to Ravada.

Define widget in rvd_front.conf

In /etc/rvd_front.conf configure the path to widget code. For example, `chatwoot_widget.js`

,widget => '/js/custom/chatwoot_widget.js'

Copy your code in the file: /usr/share/ravada/public/js/custom/chatwoot_widget.js. Do not copy the <script> tags, only the javascript code.

 1      (function(d,t) {
 2        var BASE_URL = "https://chatwoot_server";
 3              var g=d.createElement(t),s=d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];
 4              g.src= BASE_URL + "/packs/js/sdk.js";
 5              s.parentNode.insertBefore(g,s);
 6              g.onload=function(){
 7                window.chatwootSettings = {
 8                  locale: 'ca',
 9                  type: 'expanded_bubble',
10                   launcherTitle: 'Some message',
11                   showPopoutButton: true
12                 }
13       {
14                   websiteToken: 'xxxxxxxxx4Yh7RkXPtt1',
15                   baseUrl: BASE_URL
16                 })
17               }
18       })(document,"script");
../_images/chat_login.png ../_images/chat_inside.png

And restart rvd_front service:

systemctl restart rvd_front