Ravada adds and removes rules to the iptables. If you want to restart the firewall or change some rules you can save the Ravada entries and restore it later.


Ravada has its own chain called RAVADA where all the permissions to access the virtual machines displays are stored. You can save it, then apply your own rules, and then restore it.

Steps to reload the iptables

Step 1: Save the Ravada rules

A line must be added at the begining and the end of the RAVADA rules so at the end this file can be used in restore.

echo "*filter" > ravada.iptables
iptables-save | grep RAVADA >> ravada.iptables
echo COMMIT >> ravada.iptables

Step 2: Apply your own rules

Change your iptables and apply your changes. Now the RAVADA rules will have been flushed.

Step 3: Restore the Ravada rules

Now we must restore the rules we saved in step 1.

iptables-restore -n < ravada.iptables