How to extend a Ravada Linux guest’s disk space

Here we will show how to extend the system partition of a Linux host by 10 GB.

  1. Shutdown the virtual machine
  2. Consult the hard drive name of the Virtual Machine you want resize:
virsh edit VirtualMachineName

Here is our image file:

<source file='/path_to_img_file/VirtualDiskImageName.img'/>
  1. Use qemu-resize to increase the image size by 10GB:
qemu-img resize /path_to_img_file/VirtualDiskImageName.img +10G
  1. IMPORTANT. Do a backup before continue.
cp VirtualDiskImageName.img ./VirtualDiskImageName.img.backup
  1. Now start the Virtual Machine. Open a terminal and type:
sudo fdisk /dev/vda

Delete the partition


Create a new partition


Accept all by default and exit saving

  1. Restart the Virtual Machine.
  2. When it starts in a terminal:
sudo resize2fs /dev/vda1

You can check if the disk was increased with the ‘df’ command.